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Skin Care Products
Bianca thoroughly researches all the products she uses in her treatments and for sale in her salon to be sure they are of the highest quality available. Her skin care products originate from Spain (Casmara), Germany (Janssen), Switzerland and the United States – simply...wherever Bianca finds the “best.”

Some of the products available in the salon include:

Casmara’s Green Tea
Skin Care Products

One of the most amazing and effective substances over the latest years is Green Tea Extract, which helps to reduce the photo-ageing signs, fights against the consequences of oxidative-stress and reduces the damage caused on the skin by the pollution and UV rays.

Green tea (Camellia sinensis) reduces the skin cell oxidation process caused by light and oxygen and is a highly powerful anti-free radical agent. Due to its polyphenol content, it also soothes and reduces redness in irritated skin.

Casmara’s Green Tea line of skin care products contains natural vegetable and protein derivatives known as peptide substances. Additionally, the treatments contain one of the most effective and surprising extracts of recent times, green tea extract. All of the products are suitable for all skin types and ages for regeneration and revitalization of the skin.

Bianca use Casmara products in her salon, and makes them available for purchase by her clients.


JANSSEN COSMECEUTICAL offers a large variety of very specific and individual treatments performed by skin care specialists.  

OPUS BELLE -  the ultimate technology to fight premature skin aging -- is specially designed for women over 40. OPUS BELLE and its revolutionary products perfectly focus on hormonal influences and mechanisms, such as the reduction of estrogen production at the onset of menopause. In particular, the soft gel capsules Skin Add-Ins are the latest innovation in skincare technology.

Janssen’s Opus Belle line of products are available at Bianca Beverly Hills.


Skinceuticals dermalogica

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