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Permanent Cosmetics by Bianca
Look and feel beautiful all day – EVERY day!

Wake up every morning with your makeup perfectly applied –from a dash of cheek color to definition to your eyes and on your lips.

Trouble free makeup
Permanent cosmetics can make a lasting difference in your appearance safely and simply. Waterproof and “sweat” proof, you’ll always look your best, even when swimming, showering or working out.

  • Perfectly arched brows in your own natural color
  • Thicker looking eyelashes, and eyeliner that won’t smudge or smear – no matter what
  • Lip color and liner that doesn’t fade, feather or bleed
  • Fuller, more defined lips, without injecting substances
  • A soft “blush” to your cheeks that won’t rub off
  • Eye shadow

Camouflage, scar repair and nipple/areola recreation
Most people think permanent make up is limited to enhancing the lips, eyes and brow color, but, in fact, it works beautifully for re-pigmentation of scar tissue and nipple/areola recreation after breast cancer surgery.

At Bianca Beverly Hills, we can skillfully apply permanent cosmetics to restore scare tissue, disfigurements, and birthmarks.

  • Recreate a nipple and areola after breast surgery
  • Camouflage surgical post-op facial scars from plastic surgery
  • Camouflage dark circles under the eyes
  • Correct “past” permanent makeup mistakes
  • Restore scar tissue back to a more natural appearance.

Our technicians
Bianca Beverly Hills offers Bianca’s many years of experience and expertise in permanent makeup procedures. As a licensed specialist, she remains up to date on the latest training in the field.

Joyce Bamburg
The salon also features the permanent makeup skill and expertise of Joyce Bamburg, a licensed specialist who is in high demand across the nation for training others in permanent cosmetic procedures. With more than 19 years experience, Joyce has a loyal following and hundreds of client references – PLUS, she is available by appointment at Bianca Beverly Hills!

When scheduling your permanent makeup consultation, ask to see Joyce’s and Bianca’s portfolio of client results – then turn yourself over for the transformation of permanent cosmetics.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the way my lips
have not only maintained a natural looking color
for many years now, but I constantly receive compliments
about my ‘lovely, full lips!’”

“I never thought I’d have normal looking breasts again after my mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries, but thanks to Bianca, I’m happy to say I’m once again confident in my appearance,”
D. J.

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